Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Cinema Binema is an online platform where you can showcase your talent and get a chance to be recognized through the biggis of the entertainment industry. It is a very important asset for an aspiring talent who doesn’t have a godfather in the industry or is clueless and confused about the starting point of his/her career.

Cinema Binema is a unique online podium that offers new talent an opportunity to showcase his/her skills and capabilities, so as to get a chance of recognition in the glamorous entertainment industry. By becoming a member of the unique platform you can upload your portfolio and showcase your talent, thus improvising the chances of being picked up by the famous personalities of the film fraternity.

Register with Cinema Binema and upload your profile. Showcase your talent and get a chance to be recognised and found out by the renowned personalities in the film industry. You can get a number of opportunities through Cinema Binema by showcasing your talent to the talent hunters.

No. Registered email ID cannot be changed.

You can cancel your registration by clicking on the ‘Delete Account’ button. But no refund or no compensation will be provided by Cinema Binema, developers / marketers in any circumstances.

Account deletion is available at the dashboard. We request you to think twice before deleting your account because this action of deletion will remove your data, history and preferences entirely and immediately. Membership plan will also automatically come to an end with immediate effect. Deletion process cannot be reversed.

Yes. Cinema Binema registration for talent hunters is totally free.

Cinema Binema charges only package registration charges. No additional commission is charged by Cinema Binema when you get any opportunity through the portal.