Actors/ performers/ artists

Actors have a distinct personality. They are professional entertainers who light up the stage and screen. They are creative, intuitive, sensitive, articulate, and expressive individuals. Their sheer presence can elevate a play or a film. However, the day to day grind to become an actor is not so glamorous. An actor has to prove his/her power towards performance, by facing many challenges on his/her way,to succeed as an artist. Intensity in roles is one of the most demanded qualities an actor must have that can be gained through years of experience and maturity through the ups and downs in the career. Social and emotional challenges also can bring intensity in roles. Through their thriving roles the actors convince their audience that the character they play in a reel is real, by driving the audience to the story. An actor has to depict a story line in order to realistically understand and convey the emotions involved. Acting is a challenging skill,set to master, to achieve success in this glamorous world of entertainment.

How to become an actor?

Take acting classes

This is a very basic step towards an acting career. A desiring aspirant must necessarily opt for acting classes and pave a path through plays and dramas at high school level.

Earn a bachelor’s degree

Audition and develop skills

Go for a master’s degree

Skills to be acquired

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